Here at McESDA we’ve been doing much more than just COVID-19 response.  Even during a a pandemic we’re planning for all the floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters that can head our way.

One way we do this is through the Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan, or NHMP.  The NHMP is a thorough process of committee building and needs assessments that culminates with a finished plan that will inform future mitigation projects and actions taken within McDonough County.  This process helps identify what actions the community can take now before a disaster in order to reduce future harm if/when natural disasters can occur.  You can’t prevent a tornado or severe storm, but you can work on making yourself resistant to them!

Mitigation: actions to take to reduce the disaster


The most exciting part about this project is that it requires the input of all aspects of McDonough County, from emergency services, the medical field, and even schools and local businesses.  The more participants involved in the initial committee the better, as these diverse sets of opinions will help fill the missing gaps in our emergency preparedness plans.

If you are interested in participating within the NHMP committee, feel free to reach out to us at or my email at for further information.

Stay safe McDonough County!

-the McESDA team