Proper Disposal of Hazardous Materials

When using hazardous materials, there comes a point in time where you inevitably need to dispose of the product. Today we will be telling you the best ways to dispose of various things that are considered to be hazardous waste that come at no cost to you. 

  • Car-based hazardous waste: You can bring used motor oil to local automobile parts and repair establishments such as AutoZone and Jiffy Lube. Make sure to not mix the oil with other liquids, as once this takes place it is no longer recyclable. When transporting the oil, use a container made of polyethylene, the original container it came in, or another plastic container deemed suitable for this purpose. Car batteries can be brought to AutoZone or the Tri-County Regional Collection Facility  for recycling. 

  • Dry Cell Batteries: These batteries include AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, lantern, rechargeable, and button batteries. These can all be taken to the McDonough County Health Department for proper disposal.

  • Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Can be brought to the McDonough County Health Department or your local hardware store. 

  • Unwanted or expired medications: If it is an Rx prescription or over the counter medication, you can bring them to the McDonough County Health Department. The Macomb Police Department also accepts prescription drugs for destruction 24/7 in the police department lobby.

  • Lithium and non-alkaline batteries: These batteries can be found in cameras, watches, e-cigarettes, laptops, and various other appliances. These items can be brought to  the Tri-County Regional Collection Facility in Macomb, Batteries Plus Bulbs in Peoria, or the Interstate Batteries Center in Quincy. 

  • Paint: Tri-County Collection Facility accepts interior and exterior latex paints, alkyd enamel and oil-based paints; porch, floor, and deck paints, oil and latex primers and undercoats, as well as interior and exterior varnishes and urethane. 

    • For a full list of Tri-County Collection Facility locations for McDonough and surrounding counties, visit this link