Oh the weather outside is… not so frightful yet!  But we all know winter weather will be here sooner than we would like, and now’s the time to get prepared.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has created a list of the must-have items that can help keep you safe the next time you’re driving in a Winter Wonderland.  Original link plus additional safety tips can be found here.

  1. Snow shovel, broom, and ice scraper.  These will help you dig you out if you’re caught off-guard in a snowy situation.
  2. Kitty litter! No, not for the neighborhood cats.  Pour some on the ground by your tires if your car is stuck in the snow.  It’ll create a more abrasive surface and hopefully get your car going again.
  3. Jumper cables, but also you also want to remember some flares or warning markers to flag for help.
  4. Blankets for protection from the cold
  5. Typical “bug-out” bag contents including a charger for your phone, water, food, and a first-aid kit/necessary medications.

Stay safe, McDonough County!

-McESDA Team