It Does Not Contain COVID-19

Some vaccines contain weakened versions of a virus to provoke immune response. The COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t! Instead it works by teaching your body how to make the proteins necessary to fight COVID-19.

It cannot give you COVID-19

Because none of the vaccines in development have a live vaccine, you cannot “catch” COVID-19 from being vaccinated. With a vaccine your body can build up immunity to the virus without the severe symptoms of actually catching the virus .

People who already had COVID-19 can still benefit from the vaccine

Like some other viral diseases, having COVID-19 once does not prevent reinfection. Scientists believe the immunity caused by catching COVID-19 does not last very long. If you have had COVID19 in the past, you will still need to be vaccinated to prevent catching it again.

It will not alter your DNA

The current COVID-19 vaccines are mRNA vaccines. The mRNA contains blueprints for making proteins, and the vaccine helps the body’s natural defenses in producing the proteins needed to identify and destroy the virus. DNA performs a different function and resides in the nucleus of the cell, seperate from mRNA. Your DNA is safe!

Additional Questions?

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